The Ship Inn, Gillingham, Kent
01634 612731
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Sunday 9th July 2017 at 8.30pm

Quiz Night
Quiz Night  

Every Sunday* evening, from 8.30pm onwards.

£1 per person entry, teams up to a maximum of 6.

Cash Prizes!!! 

Come along and join in the fun!

How It Works:

Everybody pays £1 each to enter the quiz. Teams can be up to 6 people. This money goes into the Prize Pot.

There are five rounds of ten questions each. The first round is a quick-fire round where you get 10 general knowledge questions fired at you in a short space of time. The next four rounds each have a specific theme and are a little more relaxed. Each team gets a Joker to play on a round of their choice (excluding quick-fire) which will double their points for that round. Teams must declare their Joker before the start of their chosen round.

At the end of the five rounds, the team with the winning score** elects a single member to answer one further question from a choice of Hard, Medium or Easy. If they get that question right then the team wins all or part of the Prize pot (see below). Should they get the question wrong then a raffle ticket is drawn (each team is given one raffle ticket at the start), and the team holding the drawn number gets a chance at whichever of the Hard, Medium or Easy questions haven't yet been asked. If, after 2 redraws a question still hasn't been answered co0rrectly, then all of the Prize Pot money is carried over to the next week's quiz.

Amounts won for answering one of the Hard, Medium or Easy questions are as follows:

HARD - ALL of the Prize Pot
MEDIUM - HALF (50%) of the Prize Pot
EASY - QUARTER (25%) of the Prize Pot.

What's left in the Prize Pot (if anything) is carried over to the next week's quiz.

If the Prize Pot reaches £250 then the quizmaster will keep drawing tickets until somebody answers correctly, and their team wins £250 (with any excess over that being carried over). Obviously, the team which won the main quiz gets first shot at this.

Confused? Don't be.. it's all a bit of fun, and it'll make more sense when you're here!

* Excluding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve if they fall on a Sunday.

** In the event of a first-place tie, a tie-breaker question will be asked to determine which team gets a shot at the money.